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About Portland Guitar Academy


About Portland Guitar Academy

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015Portland Guitar Academy is a dedicated guitar studio located in the heart of Portland, Oregon. The school was founded as a way to bring our knowledge and unique approach to guitar education to a greater number of people. Portland Guitar Academy offers a variety of programs including group classes, private one-on-one lessons, exciting student-driven workshops and special events.

Samantha Holmes

Samantha Holmes - Guitar Instructor In Portland

Samantha began her music education in England at the age of 13 and joined her first band two years later. Samantha moved to Tucson, Arizona with her family at age 16 and joined the United States Air Force after graduating high school. She is currently a 5 year veteran who is now serving in the Oregon Air National Guard. While serving in the United States Air Force, Samantha was a member of several military bands and also taught many service members and their dependents.

Within the first year of living in Portland, Samantha sought out an instructor that she knew would push her to the next level. After much intensive training, Samantha is now an instructor at Portland Guitar Academy.

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Jesse Marseille,

Jesse began playing guitar at age 12 and eventually went on to study music at Lewis and Clark college here in Portland. Since then, he has taken courses in voice, production, and guitar instruction. He loves technical guitar, but also has a passion for blues and funk style music.

Jesse uses this wide breadth of experience to help students expand all areas of their musicianship, such as song writing and composition. Throughout the years he has played in local bands and done studio session work, but currently focuses his energy on being the best guitar mentor he can be.

Sybil Grace

Sybil Grace – Photo by Jason Quigley. 

Sybil is a professional guitarist, composer, producer, and music instructor living in Portland Oregon. She has been active as a professional musician since 2008 and her music has been commercially released on over 100 albums worldwide.

Sybil was drawn to play guitar as early as she possibly could. Her first guitar at 7 years old was a half-finished, handmade acoustic guitar which she offered to finish in order to have an instrument of her own. Sybil’s profound love for music led her to study music theory, composition and specifically hone her technical skills in the realm of neo-classical metal, visual kei, and prog rock. Sybil’s formal training in guitar pedagogy led her to found the Portland Guitar Academy where she developed a unique system for instruction which she imparts to all Portland Guitar Academy instructors. As a teenager, Sybil has had her share of subpar instruction from teachers who “teach on the side” and don’t see teaching as a serious profession. This is why Sybil is adamant that she does not want students to waste precious time in improving their craft. Sybil is currently the lead guitarist in two Portland-based bands which plan to release albums within the year.

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