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Guitar Classes for Kids


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Registration is currently open for kid’s guitar group classes in Portland Oregon.boy playing electric guitar

Children’s Beginning Guitar Group classes are fun, cost effective, and community oriented. This fun format is the perfect way to introduce your child to the joys of playing guitar! Class sizes are kept relatively small (between 4 and 8 students) to ensure that each student receives personal attention and guidance. The benefits of group classes go far beyond what private lessons alone can offer.

Benefits of Children’s Guitar Group Classes:

  • More fun for many students
  • Community Development
  • Lower per-session cost than private instruction
  • Learning to play in an ensemble format
  • Confidence Building
  • Encouragement from peers

This course is focused on providing your child with the skills and self confidence needed to have fun playing guitar with others.  Your child will learn the basics of instrument care, tuning, posture, complete guitar playing essentials and how to play several real songs on their own and within a group!

An emphasis is placed on having fun while learning! Along with guitar playing essentials, a strong focus is placed on the life skills of working within a group creatively. Together the students learn to create a safe, polite, and respectful environment where they can build lasting friendships as they overcome the struggles of learning to play together. There are even valuable mentorship opportunities for any children who are progressing at a faster rate. Mentorship creates a strong bond of community and friendship among the students that can be applied to other areas in their lives.

No previous guitar experience required! This is a Beginning Level course and is intended to be taken by children between ages 8 and 12* with limited or no previous guitar experience. Upon completion of the program the student will be qualified to move on to a more advanced course or begin private lessons with an instructor if appropriate.

*If your child is over 12 years old or has been playing guitar or studying music with another teacher for over 6 months, contact me today to discuss which program options are the perfect fit for them.