Welcome to Portland Guitar Academy

My name is Sybil Grace, I’m here to help you become the guitarist you want to become. At Portland Guitar Academy we specialize in developing fundamental skills that will allow you to become a well rounded musician as well as a focused player in the style you’re interested in.

Whether you want to learn to jam, write music, improvise, play solos, music theory, or start from scratch with the total basics, my methods have helped thousands of students online and in the Portland Oregon area to become confident guitarists.

Lessons at Portland Guitar Academy are designed for students of all levels. Our program is online only and is designed for Adults and youth over the age of 13 years old.

Who are PGA students? Our students are technically minded adults and youth who want a training program that they can follow for several years that will allow them to reach their specific goals. Some students are total beginners looking for an efficient path, some are working towards college auditions, some are working musicians looking to advance their skillset. This is a school for students who really want to advance their musicianship and guitar playing. If this sounds like you, you’re probably a great fit for PGA.

I have been teaching guitar for over 15 years, and at PGA we have worked with thousands of students since we opened in 2013 with the vision of creating a guitar school that would increase the standards of music education in the community. I’ve dedicated my life to being the best guitar teacher I know how to be, PGA is built on that foundation. My goal is that every student has a personalized experience and receives a high quality, structured guitar education.

Visit our square site to Book a Free introductory session. Make sure to include your name, experience level, and current goals.