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What is a guitar mentor?

A guitar mentor is more than just a guitar teacher. The right guitar mentor will be your expert guide on your journey to a more musical life! You can trust them to create the ideal environment that allows you to share your musical dreams and feel safe opening up about your challenges. The right mentor knows where you are coming from and has proven methods for getting you to where you want to go. You’ll find support for your unique inspirations, motivations, and ambitions. They will foster community and bring you into their musical world. The wrong mentor can leave you frustrated, seeing little progress, and blaming yourself when you inevitably quit. Finding the right guitar mentor is simply the most important next step towards reaching your goal.

At Portland Guitar Academy we offer guitar mentorship. We know that finding the right mentor can make or break your musical future. You need the right guitar mentor. To show you that we’re serious, we offer a free introductory lesson and a full refund if we’re not the perfect fit within the first 3 weeks of signing up. When you schedule a free introductory lesson with us, you’ll be meeting a guitar mentor who is invested in making sure that you will find the support you need to reach your goals of living a more joyful, expressive, and musical life!

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  • Li Changhao Avatar

    I have been studying electric guitar with Jesse for three months. Jesse teaches students with efficient and positive way, and I always enjoy the lessons with Jesse. He is able to very clearly explain the knowledge about musical theory and guitar mechanics. Definitely worth to try if you wanna systematically improve your guitar skills.

    Li Changhao 5/13/2020
    Jacob Frisch Avatar

    I have been extremely impressed with my online course through PGA. Jesse provides incite and personalized tips that go far beyond any course I could find online. He's always ready to answer questions via Skype and has really motivated me. I also think its worth noting that the online component of the lessons makes it harder to make excuses about traveling/being busy.

    Jacob Frisch 5/10/2020
  • Jennifer Solman Avatar

    "What is the correct way to hold a guitar pick and why?", "How can I most efficiently organize my practice time?", "Why do all the songs I write sound the same?", "I got to a point where I can't play any faster, and I don't know why. What's holding me back?" No matter where you're stuck, Sybil could spend hours on the topic breaking it down into the essential details and training you to move forward. She has an engineering background, and it shows in the way she has clearly dedicated herself to becoming an expert in her field. She is not only an expert in guitar, but also efficient teaching and learning. Highly recommend.

    Jennifer Solman 5/06/2019
    Devin Sperling Avatar

    Great experience overall! Previous guitar lessons I'd taken really didn't do more than kind of teach me to strum along with songs to songs I liked. This is a much more serious program that really focuses on nailing the fundamentals. Sybil has put together a great program, and Jesse has been a phenomenal instructor!

    Devin Sperling 2/24/2020
  • Jay Gondek Avatar

    I highly recommend Portland Guitar Academy to anyone that is interested in really learning guitar. The classes provide a good mix of technique and knowledge, and both re-enforce each other. Sybil is a motivating coach and a great instructor, and she is an amazing professional guitarist. I think you can come in at any skill level, and if you are ready to learn and practice, you will see results.

    Jay Gondek 5/07/2019
    Masooma Jafari Avatar

    Portland Guitar Academy is an amazing place. I was totally new to guitar before starting here. Finishing the guitar introductory class with Jesse and Sybil , I learned a lot of great techniques for practicing and improving my guitar skills. So sad that I am leaving Portland soon and am not able to take more lessons here :)

    Masooma Jafari 10/28/2019

Are you tired of wasting time practicing the wrong thing?

Over the last 10 years, we’ve helped hundreds of students on their journey to become confidant guitar players. In the process, we’ve learned to recognize and overcome the challenges that students face as they learn the guitar. Many students grapple with common questions and obstacles such as:

  • What should I spend my practice time on?
  • How does the fretboard work?
  • How do I confidently write music or improvise?
  • How do I play with more speed and creativity?

The good news is that these questions can all be answered, helping students of all experience levels and ages break through to higher levels of guitar playing. You’re not alone! What it takes is a patient, methodical, and personalized approach to learning and the support of a dedicated guitar mentor…which is exactly what we provide at Portland Guitar Academy. 

Whenever we meet a new student, we start the process by getting to know you. Based on what we learn about you and your goals, we’ll provide you with the resources you’ll need to progress as a guitarist. Chances are, you have a lot of the same questions as dozens of other students at the school. You can rest easy knowing that you’re in a community that is dedicated to uplifting you and helping you achieve your goal of learning the guitar.

Here are some of the advantages to studying guitar at Portland Guitar Academy:

  • Work with a passionate guitar mentor who is there to make your learning process as fun, productive, and rewarding as possible.
  • Gain access to our one of a kind online learning suite that will make your practice plan and practice resources easy to understand and navigate.
  • Join a community of friendly, like minded people who love guitar, love music, and love all the  wonderful benefits that studying guitar brings to life.

If this sounds like something you are looking for, don’t hesitate to schedule a free introductory session and begin your journey with Portland Guitar Academy. Click the ‘Schedule your free intro session’ button below to find a time to meet with Jesse or Sybil.

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Sybil Grace

Founding Owner, Curriculum Director & Guitar Mentor

Jesse Marseille

Co-Owner & Guitar Mentor

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