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Portland Guitar Academy
A modern approach to guitar education.

Founded in 2013 by Sybil Grace, Portland Guitar Academy is dedicated to providing world class guitar training and music education. Whether you’re a total beginner or an advanced player who wants to fill in some gaps, our expert level instructors are committed to providing a positive lesson experience that is tailor made to match your goals, your learning style, and your personality.

Portland Guitar Academy emphasizes a holistic approach to learning because ultimately, having fun and seeing real results will help you progress more quickly. Our instructors will dynamically incorporate your goals and your unique learning style into a lesson plan custom tailored for you.

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Are yoMichael Purcella - Guitar Teacher Portlandu any of the following?

New to guitar and looking for your first guitar lessons?

A parent looking for a comprehensive program for the rockstar in your family?

Looking for a community of like-minded musicians who take the development of their playing seriously?

Treading water in a sea of online tutorials and confusing books?

Seeking to see constant progression in your skills?

Looking to improve your technical ability or understanding of music theory?

If So, you have come to the right place!

Joe Lovatt – Performing with Last Bastion at El Corazon in Seattle – Katie Frank Photographyssion

Our Mission

Not only do we teach electric, acoustic, bass guitar and drums to students of all ages and skill levels in a variety of contemporary styles. We also apply science and years of combined playing and teaching experience to provide a modern method that is proven to help students of all levels progress rapidly.

As a Portland Guitar Academy student, you will receive a completely customized lesson plan that is built around your personal interests, needs and goals. We maintain a results-based approach to get you playing with confidence efficiently because your time is valuable. We won’t just photocopy pages of a songbook for you or have you play rote scales for us in your lesson – we will dynamically design a curriculum to fit your goals. Our teaching methodology makes learning guitar fun, while continuously propelling you towards your goals. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning guitar, and no two students are the same. Each individual student requires special planning in order to make maximum progress.

Our instructors have formally trained as guitar instructors in addition to being professional players. Through ongoing education and analysis of guitar pedagogy, Portland Guitar Academy teachers continually develop techniques to turn traditional teaching on its head in order to get you results faster than expected! Our teachers see themselves as coaches and mentors, assisting you in the achievement of your goals.

Together we will focus on allowing you to enjoy playing the guitar while also transforming you into a well-rounded musician. As a student, you will learn the fundamentals of guitar technique, music theory, songwriting, and improvisation. You will unlock new parts of your creativity, improve brain plasticity, and be surprised by how easy it can be to play your favorite songs and create your own music in the style you enjoy.


Schedule Your Free Intro Session

10 Reasons to work with Portland Guitar Academy

  1. FREE no risk 60 minute introductory session.
  2. 100% customized lesson plan built around your interests and learning style.
  3. Special events, recitals, workshops and group programs to help you grow as a musician.
  4. Learn faster using proven methods that have helped thousands.
  5. Unlock your creativity with songwriting and improvisation training.
  6. Professional music instructors who take your progress seriously!
  7. Avoid Confusion and Frustration that comes with trying to learn guitar from books and online tutorials.
  8. Develop greater confidence in your understanding of music.
  9. Overcome plateaus in your playing and maintain consistent progress.
  10. Highly organized lesson plans will help you know what to expect.

Schedule Your Free Intro Session


Joe Lovatt

Guitar & Bass Instructor

Sam Holmes

Guitar & Bass Instructor

Matthew Tekverk

Drum Instructor

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