Rock and Metal Lessons

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Are you looking for an instructor who is as dedicated to rock and metal as you are? Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a seasoned musician looking to evolve your playing abilities to the next level, our instructors are formally trained rock and metal musicians who have studied guitar pedagogy and are well versed in the music theory and nuanced techniques involved in these styles. Our programs are designed to help you gain a holistic understanding and confidence with playing rock and metal.


We will custom tailor a curriculum for you, built to improve your accuracy, speed, and stamina. Our students also benefit from workshops with a community of other like-minded rock and metal musicians.

Do you want to…

…build your stamina, speed and accuracy?Kennewick-bass-lessons

…make the most of your whammy bar?

master vibrato and make your axe sing?

…understand the rhythmic patterns of djent metal?

…become a contemporary Bach, but play and Iceman instead of a harpsicord?

…give your doom metal refined technique that sets it apart?

We can help you with all this and more! We are Portland’s premiere metal guitar school.


If you are ready to shred as you never thought possible, contact us today and find out why Thumbtack has named us the “Best Guitar Lessons in Portland!

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