Our Story

Sybil Grace created Portland Guitar Academy because she believed guitar education could be done better. As a life-long student of guitar herself, Sybil knew that there was a need for a lesson experience that was more holistic, more personalized, and more effective than what was available to the average person. 

In 2009, she began formalizing the Portland Guitar Academy method and teaching students of her own. After building a loyal following of local students, Sybil realized that there was an opportunity to share guitar with even more people by creating a school. In 2013 Portland Guitar Academy was born.

Sybil with her Ovation Adamas MD80

Sybil Grace is a professional studio recording guitarist and guitar educator. She has been teaching guitar professionally for over 15 years and has contributed work on over 200 albums. Sybil has formally studied guitar for over 20 years and has taught hundreds of guitar students. She is an official artist for several iconic instrument brands, including B.C. Rich Electric Guitars & Basses and Ovation Custom Shop Acoustic Guitars.

You can read more about Sybil on her website https://www.sybilgrace.com/

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