Our Story

Rapid growth in a few short years has allowed us to meet our initial goal of building a sustainable roster of students and teachers. This stability has afforded us the opportunity to turn our focus even more towards community benefit.  Between now and 2020, our model is evolving to allow for more affordable rates, higher impact, and easier access for the people of Portland. 

Portland Guitar Academy was created to make world-class guitar instruction available to everyone in Portland. Since 2012, thousands of students have joined us in creating a lasting and impactful music community for the Portland area. 

The flagship program marking this evolution is our completely redesigned Beginning Guitar Series.  Within the series, Guitar 101 remains a straightforward and fun overview of guitar fundamentals such as open chords. Guitar 101, 102, 103, and 104 each take between 1-3 months to complete and cost $63 per month. 

The major addition to the series is Introduction to Guitar, a brand new course that we are excited to announce. Introduction to Guitar is a way for people who are brand new to guitar to receive professional guidance to get acquainted with the instrument. The best part is, introduction to guitar is 100% free.

Our Faculty

Jesse Marseille - Executive Director & Guitar Instructor

Sybil Grace - Founder & Head Instructor

Joe Lovatt - Guitar Instructor & Band Director

Matthew Tekverk - Percussion Instructor

Sam Holmes - Guitar Instructor

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