Student Testimonials

  • When trying to decide where to take lessons, I read tons of reviews online looking for the best guitar studio in town. Portland Guitar Academy stood out so I chose them and I’ve had a great time learning to play guitar under Joe’s guidance. He’s personable, funny and most importantly, patient with a brand-new guitar player. I really appreciate the fact that he will tab everything out on paper that we’ve been working on during a lesson so I can take it home and work on it over the week. He’s also full of tips and tricks regarding metal guitar.
    If you, or someone you know, wants to learn how to play guitar this is the place to do it. Sign your kid up, sign yourself up…heck, sign your grandma up here! Its definitely worth it.

    Kristy Myatt Avatar
    Kristy Myatt

    "What is the correct way to hold a guitar pick and why?", "How can I most efficiently organize my practice time?", "Why do all the songs I write sound the same?", "I got to a point where I can't play any faster, and I don't know why. What's holding me back?" No matter where you're stuck, Sybil could spend hours on the topic breaking it down into the essential details and training you to move forward. She has an engineering background, and it shows in the way she has clearly dedicated herself to becoming an expert in her field. She is not only an expert in guitar, but also efficient teaching and learning. Highly recommend.

    Jennifer Solman Avatar
    Jennifer Solman

    After literally innumerable failed attempts at learning to play the guitar through other teachers, both live and online, I've finally at long last found a teacher in Sybil at Portland Guitar Academy who's put me on a path of discernible progress. Sybil is a virtuoso as a guitarist but is also a gifted teacher, and it is difficult to find those two qualities exemplified so superlatively as they are in Sybil. She is patient, very understanding, and gives me as a student a realistic sense of what my expectations should be. I would wholeheartedly recommend Portland Guitar Academy to anyone seeking to seriously learn to play the guitar.

    Decrepitude andDeath Avatar
    Decrepitude andDeath

    I highly recommend Portland Guitar Academy to anyone that is interested in really learning guitar. The classes provide a good mix of technique and knowledge, and both re-enforce each other. Sybil is a motivating coach and a great instructor, and she is an amazing professional guitarist. I think you can come in at any skill level, and if you are ready to learn and practice, you will see results.

    Jay Gondek Avatar
    Jay Gondek

    I'm not sure that there are words to adequately express the amazing journey I've been on with Portland Guitar Academy, but I will try! In 2016 I bought an acoustic guitar, and tried for almost two years to learn to play on my own. I built up some skills and knowledge, but was not progressing in the ways I had hoped to be. After much research on guitar teachers and lessons in the Portland area, I decided on Portland Guitar Academy. In the 10 or so months that I've been learning from Sybil (the amazing, badass, and wickedly talented owner and teacher of Portland Guitar Academy), my guitar playing has evolved so much more than I honestly thought or imagined it could. Sybil teaches like no one else—she is unbelievably good at knowing how to meet her students where they are, and tailoring instructions and lessons to them and their specific goals and abilities. She is encouraging, supportive, and funny as hell. If you want to really learn how to play the guitar and play it efficiently and well, then I highly recommend Portland Guitar Academy.

    kayla bryson Avatar
    kayla bryson

    I was originally interested in learning to play metal guitar, and Joe was more than happy to share all kinds of relevant skills! He knows plenty of exercises and tips to get you there. Before I started guitar, I wasn’t sure how long I’d stick with it, but Joe’s fun personality and technical expertise will keep me coming back!

    John Eastbrook Avatar
    John Eastbrook

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